‘Always uur only mission; quality service and quality product’

We take the quality of our production very seriously and it is the backbone to creating long lasting relationships with our customers. In an ever more competitive business climate, the quality of your printed materials is just as important as its content. This is how we ensure that we deliver you print that meets your high standards;


Quality controls begin long before a product is produced. The quality of your data ultimately determines the quality of your print. At Matsis, our prepress department handles your data in accordance with ISO standards, where we handle color management and image processing to ensure a quality outcome.


At the press stage, our technicians are constantly monitoring the production process and the performance of our machinery, flagging any potential issues early on in order to prevent waste. Quality is assured by taking samples at random intervals to ensure accurate colour matching.


At the various stages of post press, print is inspected by the head technician of the production line, to ensure only the highest quality of work is processed. Upon completion, each print project is signed off by our quality control department and handed over to your account manager for a final inspection.